Plan It, Get It

Before even rolling out of bed in the morning, we're thinking about food: What we're going to get, how we're going to make it, or where we're going to get it. Make a fun change and start paying for it when you want it with Treatmo.

With Treatmo  you can pay in advance at any time for things you like and pick up when you want. Even prepay hours or days in advance. Schedule what you're going to eat to stick to a diet, manage your expenses, or give yourself something  to look forward to. We call them "Treats." 

If you have a nutritionist, diet consultant or personal trainer, have them plan your meals for you. They will know right away whether you're sticking to plan based upon your activity in the app.  

If you're a student with a parent who wants to ensure you're eating good food, have them treat you on Treatmo. They will quickly discover where and what you like to eat through the app's social interactions. And of course, you can always treat them back. 

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