Dining Solo


The fast pace of our professional and family lives sometimes prohibits effective social planning. But this doesn't mean you should neglect those opportunities that arise for exploring your world more--even if it means going it alone.

Solo dining often gets a bad rap, but that stigma is diminishing. That's not to say people haven't been dining--in secret--on their own for centuries. The beauty of dining alone is that it's a great opportunity to take a few minutes to rest and recover from a hectic day. Probably some of the best innovations were imagined while on a solo dining journey. That's what we think!

Yet, if you want to stay connected while you're eating alone, why not? There are many apps that avail themselves to making solo dining fun. Treatmo does that in spades. Buy items from Treatmo to go out and enjoy by yourself, or if a friend buys it for you through Treatmo, it's even more fun. Then, get a table, sit and enjoy your treat and share it with your friends in the app through words, images and emoji. 

Give your friends a chance to be a part of your dining experience as well even in absentia. 

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