Gratitude is the New Attitude

If you've ever been treated, you know how wonderful that feels. If you're the receiver you experience a sense of gratefulness. And if you're the giver you feel happier to have connected in an authentic way and influenced the course of someone's day.

Scientific research expands upon why gratitude matters. The Wall Street Journal (November 2014) shared the positive impacts of gratitude noting first and foremost "gratitude is the glue that holds communities together." 

Bonding and reciprocity -- both promoted by saying thanks and showing appreciation -- are "essential to survival of a more social mammalian species." Ahem...all of us. When you stop to say thanks, you acknowledge the kindness and effort another person has shown you. Gratitude creates community, successful collaboration and warmth. It's no surprise that these basic elements of humanity actually serve to make us healthier too.

So here are some thoughts on gratitude to take away...

  1. It's associated with better health -- grateful people are sick less often than ungrateful people
  2. Grateful people have a lower resting heart rate, lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol *hashtag 'fitfam'
  3. Those grateful ones on the receiving end of help, extend a helping hand to others more often 
  4. Showing kindness/gratefulness in your relationship increases overall relationship satisfaction. 

How to increase your level of gratefulness? Those who keep a 'Gratitude Journal' are 25% happier than those who do not. Even just writing down five things you are grateful for every week, improves health. And in our experience, sending a Treatmo has an equivalent or greater effect. It's a thing, let's do this 2015! Gratitude is the New Attitude.

Go beyond the basic like or share. Get the app for sharing gratitude. Treat someone to health and spread a little happiness too. 

This post originally published in December 2014.