Treatmo Storefronts Have Endless Features

Set Up Your First Item For Sale In 15 minutes!


Everything On One Screen

  • Promote what’s amazing about your food product

  • List locations and events

  • Show how you sell - Shipping, Local Delivery, Pick-Up, Mobile Pay

  • List locations and events

  • Activate important food values:


vivid Product pages

  • Do you make one product or 100? List them all without extra charges

  • Add products easily from the merchant website

  • Beautiful product pages with multiple images

  • Long form product descriptions

  • Loyalty point indicators

  • How you sell indicators (shipping, delivery, et



  • Shopping cart is branded with your logo through checkout

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment

  • Easy editing of the shopping cart

  • Quick reordering from the main shopping screen

  • Shoppers choose how to get your product at checkout

  • Formatted email receipt when an order is sent