Operate A Local Food Business With Ease


Manage your store and orders for your food product instantly from any web based device.


Update Your Store Anytime

Use Treatmo’s merchant website to update your local food store in the app. Add or remove products (unlimited products), update prices, list events, change shipping fees, and even hide your store in the app if you are away from your business for any reason (ex. some merchants only sell during the farmers market season).

Easy to use, it takes only minutes to create a store or update your existing store.

Don’t want to continue with Treatmo? Delete your store anytime.

Treatmo puts you in control of your business 24/7.


Clearly Track orders and shipping details

Eliminate confusion. Simple order tracking with an easy-to-read table allows business owners to view all orders and how the product is to be delivered - shipping, local delivery, pick-up, or mobile pay.

Receive an email notification after every order.

Validate orders with one click to indicate that the order has been fulfilled. Send an Order Status message direct to the shopper’s email with tracking info and a message if needed.

Manage expectations with a personalized message on the order receipt from your store with food tips and delivery timing.


Manage Your Team

Hiring employees now that your business is growing? Excellent!

Add team members to your store and give permissions to view different screens in Treatmo’s store management website. If they are just fulfilling orders, that’s all they need to see.

We hope your team continues to grow and finds Treatmo helpful! We made it with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Do you have a local food business?

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